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Christmas with the PSK: Peppermint Vitality

Christmas and peppermint go together, don’t you think? I mean chocolate, candy canes, peppermint cocoa, minty lip balms and more!

Peppermint Vitality is included in your Premium Starter Kit. It is in our culinary line of essential oils, meaning it is meant as a dietary supplement which is safe for internal consumption, which also means FUN IN THE KITCHEN!!!

Let me share a few ideas with you, are you ready?

Sweet Treats

Let’s talk food! The above recipes are easy to make, absolutely delicious, tried and tested by yours truly! Whether you gift them to a loved one or bring to an office party, they are sure to be a hit!

Lip Smackin’ Lip Scrub

8 drops Peppermint essential oil

We made this Peppermint Lip Scrub last Christmas and it was such a hit! There are many different variations of DIY Lip Scrub that you can search the internet for, and no matter what recipe you decide on, let me just tell you they make the cutest stocking stuffers, gifts for friends, fun for the teen daughter and more! Oh, and made with ingredients that you can feel confident about, I mean hello…you can lick your lips and swallow the ingredients because they are made with items from the kitchen. Winning!

Let’s just say that you plan to make a bunch of lip balms for your friends; this one 5ml bottle of Peppermint Vitality bottle will go a very long way. If you were to assign this entire bottle to homemade lip scrubs using the recipe above, you could make around 11 batches. If using 10 gram/ml containers, it would make about +/- 60 containers.

Are you doing a holiday vendor event? These little lip scrubs could be sampled in 5 gram/ml containers which would stretch you to around +/- 130 little sample containers.

Peppermint Cocoa

A cute mug, with hot cocoa and a bottle of Peppermint Vitality

Another wonderful way to gift your bottle of Peppermint Vitality is by pairing it with a fun mug and a tin of hot cocoa!

Diffuser Blend/Room Spray

16. Candy Cane Suprise

While whipping up your goodies in the kitchen, or working to wrap gifts, be sure to pop on some Christmas music and elevate the mood with this incredible Candy Cane Surprise diffuser blend.

Did you know that you can take any diffuser blend and turn it into a room spray? You can! Simply add the desired amount to a glass or stainless steel spray/spritz bottle and fill with water! I recommend a pinch of salt or a little vegetable glycerin to help keep the essential oils evenly dispersed.

Premium Starter Kit


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Peppermint Bark Popcorn

It was popcorn movie night last night and I decided to put a little spin on our popcorn. It was a welcomed surprise and now we’d like to share the recipe with you!



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Christmas/Winter Diffuser Blends

Here is a lovely way to celebrate the holiday with festive essential oil diffuser blends. One for each day of the month, woohooo! Plus a bonus New Year’s diffuser blend.