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January Diffuser Blends

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Breathe: Diffuser Blends for Respiratory Support

When it comes to needing a little respiratory support, we have benefited greatly from the following diffuser blends. I decided to compile them together in one location to help with easier access.

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Thrive this Fall: Wellness for the Season Ahead

The changing of the seasons ushers in cooler weather which means now is the time to begin considering ways of staying healthy, supporting our immune systems, and stocking up on the essentials. Here are a few natural options to help support the body so that it can thrive this fall with our Relieve, Support, Protect, Thrive, Cleanse, Restore and Nourish, options for you.



Enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons with confidence as you gather the tools necessary to Thrive this Fall. And as a bonus, because I love DIY projects, here is a fun lip balm recipe for you.




Blessings to you!