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DIY Carpet Freshener

homemade-carpet-freshener-powder If you are like me, you love a fresh, clean smelling home. You look forward to having it nice and welcoming when company arrives. We hurry to the cleaning cabinet, pull out all of our “smell good” cleaning supplies and begin preparing for our guests like they are royalty. It’s something I enjoy!

But somewhere along the way, I stumbled across an article sharing the many harmful ingredients in our household cleaners. Ingredients that are hazardous to our health. This bothered me tremendously! Why? Well, let me create a scenario real quick, here we go:

Brand new mommy, trying to do everything she can to be the best mommy she knows how. She wants everything clean and sanitized, ready for baby. Enter the carpet. Before she puts baby down for tummy time, she sprinkles carpet freshener, lets it sit for a couple of minutes, and vacuums it up. She places a small blanket on the floor and then baby joins the blanket for tummy time. It sounds so sweet doesn’t it? But baby’s face is closer to the carpet than anyone. Breathing in the chemicals that have just been sprinkled onto the carpet! Some of them are vacuumed up, yes of course, but not all.

Did you know that the air quality inside of our homes can be worse than the pollution outside? It’s estimated that the average home contains about 63 synthetic chemicals for a total of about 10 gallons of hazardous material inside of just one home!

These chemicals are linked to asthma and an entire slew of other health issues! Are you still with me? So THIS mama HAD to do something! Yes, I wanted a fresh and clean smelling home but NOT with ingredients that are harmful to my baby’s health, or anyone else in my home for that matter. I needed to find a healthier option that would freshen AND deodorize our carpets.

Hello essential oils! Hello baking soda! Oh my goodness, it’s THAT simple? Why yes, yes it is! And soooooo much better than the store-bought versions. Are you ready? Here is the recipe! Brace yourself because it’s super simple!

DIY Carpet Freshener

Directions: Combine baking soda and essential oils in jar. Cover opening and shake well to disperse the essential oils throughout the baking soda. Fasten lid and it’s ready to use!

How to use: Simply sprinkle onto the carpets, let sit for about an hour, and then vacuum up.

That’s it! Simple as can be and you have fresh smelling carpet ready for guests and gentle enough for tummy time. This makes mama very happy!

Favorite Essential Oils for Carpet Freshener

And blends like:

  • Citrus Fresh: A wonderful blend of Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Mandarin oils with a hint of Spearmint
  • Purification: A refreshing combination of Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle, and Tea Tree
  • Christmas Spirit: Don’t let the name fool you, this blend is everything heartwarming and welcoming with oils of cinnamon bark, orange and spruce.
  • Thieves: is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils for an aromatic blend that fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma.

Favorite Combinations

  1. 10 drops Lemon, 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Peppermint
  2. 10 drops Rosemary, 5 drops Lemon, 5 drops Lavender, 10 drops Peppermint
  3. 10 drops Lime, 10 drops Lemon, 10 drops Orange
  4. 10 drops Geranium, 10 drops Rosemary
  5. 10 drops Geranium, 10 drops Lavender

To be honest, the possibilities are endless. The key is ridding our homes of unhealthy chemicals and replacing with healthier options. Using essential oils is a fantastic way to bring in wonderful aroma’s without toxic chemicals. Experiment with a few combinations and see what you create. And don’t forget to come back and share with us!



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I was looking for a few container ideas to use with my DIY Carpet Freshener and there are quite a few ideas on the internet. Aren’t these great! So if you prefer to save your mason jars for canning, there are options available to you online.


Bath Fizzies


Tonight I spent time with some wonderful ladies for a “Spa Night” and we made some fun spa recipes to use at home.  This one is one that I’d like to share with all of you, it’s called Bath Fizzies.  These are wonderful for personal use, or to give as a gift.



  • 1/2 cup citric acid
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 3/4 cup cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup Epsom salt
  • 10-15 drops essential oil of your choice (I used Peace & Calming but I also love using Sacred Mountain or Stress Away too)
  • spray bottle filled with 2 oz. water (you can use as is or add 6 drops of food coloring for the color of your liking)
  • cookie sheet or container to lay your finished Bath Fizzie on to dry.


  1. Stir together citric acid, baking soda, Epsom salt and cornstarch.
  2. Mix together through a fine sieve or flour sifter to combine thoroughly.
  3. Add 15 drops essential oil and use fingers to break it up into the mixture so as not to ball up.
  4. Use your spray bottle to slowly moisten the mixture as you try to form it into balls along the way (it is VERY important not to soak your mix but to just barely dampen it.  You only want it moist enough to hold together but not wet enough that it starts fizzing and expanding, we learned this all too well tonight).
  5. Pack into round balls (about the size of a medium egg).
  6. Place on cookie sheet to air dry.
  7. Let dry overnight, than put into container to store or give as a gift.
  8. Use 2 per bath.

Be Creative, Have Fun

You can do quite more than you think when making homemade bath fizzies.

  • For children you can pack a small toy inside that will leave them a fun bathtime surprise!
  • For the one you love, try adding a little heart or something cute.

The possibilities are endless so enjoy, be creative and have fun! Oh, and don’t forget to share what you packed YOUR bath fizzie with.

This post would not be complete without a thank you to my dear Sister-in-Christ, Chris for a fun evening.