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Garden Tea

“Mary, Mary. Quite contrary. How does your garden grow?”

Many do not know that essential oils have an amazing role in the garden. Several roles, actually.

* They can be natural pest deterrents.
* They can build up the health of the plants.
* Assist in an increased harvest.
* Enhance the fragrance or flavor of the flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
* Make your time in the garden more enjoyable.

➡️ I’ve experienced these benefits in my own personal gardens in years past. ⬅️

Today let’s look at deterring pests in the garden. The following chart gives you a list of essential oils for certain garden pests. It may not be an exhaustive list, but it certainly makes for a fantastic start.

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There are several ways to incorporate the essential oils from the above chart.

🍅 A spray consisting of 1 gallon of water with 4-8 drops essential oil can be used to spritz onto flowers, fruit, and vegetables.

🍅 Hanging strips of cloth from branches of trees with a drop of essential oil on each strip can save you from the task of trying to spray such a large area. You can renew as needed simply by adding additional drops of essential oil.

🍅 Cotton balls: This method can be used to deter insects by placing 3 drops essential oil onto a cotton ball and place in or near where insects or critters tend to gather near your garden.

🍅 Cartons: This method is good for deterring slugs, snails, mice, cats, dogs and all ground-moving insects. Bury an old plastic container in the ground, such as a yogurt or margarine container, so that it’s level with the ground. Use 3 drops essential oil in the carton. Renew as needed. Cats and dogs dislike a powerful aroma because it puts them off the scents. It will discourage them from urinating around your garden.

(from The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood)