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Christmas with the PSK: PanAway

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PanAway. When it comes to this essential oil blend, think “all things active.” This incredible relief in a bottle is a gift that crosses muscle and joints.

Whether you make a Relief Rollon, a Mint Muscle Rub, or gift the entire 5ml bottle, PanAway can make the holidays even brighter for the loved one who is active, in the gym, or even needing a little TLC for their joints, like grandma or grandpa.

Massage Oil.png

PanAway can be incorporated into Sugar Scrubs, Bath Bombs, Massage Oils and more!


While working on your gifts, here is a cool and refreshing diffuser blend to enjoy!

Did you know that you can take any diffuser blend and turn it into a room spray? You can! Simply add the desired amount to a glass or stainless steel spray/spritz bottle and fill with water! I recommend a pinch of salt or a little vegetable glycerin to help keep the essential oils evenly dispersed.


Premium Starter Kit


Don’t have a Premium Starter Kit? What are you waiting for? Order yours today and become a member of Young Living at no additional cost!

Young Living is a global company with farms and offices around the world.

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