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Never Have I Ever…

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This is such a fun game and so I thought I’d play too! Here are my answers and then let’s see what yours are in the comments below. Did you get a chuckle playing this?


  1. Run out of Lavender – I sure did! I remember running out of my lavender during the WRONG season of the year and calling a friend to see if she had an extra bottle I could buy off of her.
  2. Gotten Oil in my Eye: Whew! Yes! It was on our road trip, as we were driving back to Ohio from Tennessee. I accidentally put a drop of Lemon EO in my eye and WOWZA did it sting! We made an emergency stop at the nearest gas station for a small bottle of whole milk. I had remembered learning that something fatty like milk or oil could help move it out of the eye. I am soooooo thankful to have learned that little handy tip prior to my own incident, lol.
  3. Used Oils on my Pets: Oh yes! My boys had turtles for a while. Our youngest’s turtle came home from the pet store with a cracked shell. As parents, we go to great lengths for our kiddoes because we love them so much. He noticed the crack and felt so bad for his turtle and we just had to save her. I read online that Tea Tree essential oil can clean the area and super glue would seal the crack, so that’s what we did. Oh, and in case you’re wondering….it worked! Mom win!
  4. Used Oils in the Bedroom: Let’s just say romantic nights with my hubby have been taken to a whole new level (wink). But there are others uses in the bedroom as well. How about diffusing an aroma for a peaceful sleep, or mixing up a linen spray, or scented sachets for your dresser drawer. The possibilities are endless!
  5. Dropped a Bottle and Broken It: Oh the devastation! I watched my essential oil slowly going down the drain and I couldn’t save it. Can you relate?
  6. Added Oils to My Food: Yep, yep! This is so much fun. I’ve used them in homemade pasta sauce, lemon coconut truffles, peppermint patties, cocoa, coffee, water (well I guess technically that isn’t food, whoops!), scones, on fish, in ice cream, and more!
  7. Forgotten to Dilute a Hot Oil: Let me just say, you’ll only do this once, lol!
  8. Used Oils on a Plane: Oh yes! I use Valor before boarding the plane, Stress Away as I prepare for take-off and landing, and Thieves while on the plane.
  9. Diffused in my Car: We sure do. We have a travel car diffuser that goes where we go. Who doesn’t like a nice smelling car? Car fresheners give me headaches, essential oils don’t. And I love that we can change the scent whenever we’d like. If it’s a long road trip, Peppermint helps to keep us awake and alert.
  10. Grabbed the Wrong Bottle in the Middle of the Night:  Tired is real, lol!
  11. Offered an Oil to a Stranger: I’m pretty good at this, lol!
  12. Used Oils for Cleaning: Most definitely. See #4 above. I also use them in freshening trash cans, while vacuuming, in my homemade furniture polish and more.
  13. Made DIY Recipes with Oils: Hmmmm, see #4 and #12 for this one. I also use in homemade lotions, facial washes, moisturizers, toners, bath bombs, the list is endless. I love DIY Recipes!
  14. Diffused Oils in a Hotel Room: Yep, yep! Our travel diffuser comes into the hotel rooms with us. Purification is a favorite for insects, they do NOT like this essential oil blend. Also Thieves to help support our immune systems along with some calming essential oils for a good night’s sleep. If I forget to bring the travel diffuser up, we’ll place a couple of drops of essential oils onto a tissue and tuck into the air vents. It works great too!
  15. Added Oils to a Bath: Of course! 🙂 Essential oils for relaxation, or essential oils to help soothe tired and sore muscles after a long day or tough workout.
  16. Used Oils for My Feelings: Oh my goodness, I’m pretty sure my family is thankful for this. Because….women, hormones, all the emotions…need I say more!
  17. Reorganized My Collection: Many times! I’ll never forget being so excited to have rearranged my collection according to how we use each oil only to find that my youngest wanted to color coordinate them instead and surprise mommy!
  18. Shared Oils with a Neighbor: If you know me, you know I share oils with everybody, lol!
  19. Given an Oily Gift: Oh how I love to make gifts! Bath bombs, body scrubs, perfumes, roll-on’s, sachets, foot soaks, and more!
  20. Used Too Many Drops of Peppermint: I guess my question is, who hasn’t? Lol!

Okay, it’s your turn to play. Let’s see your answers in the comments below. Have fun!

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Hi, my name is Tanya. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey of discovering a more natural approach to caring for ourselves and those we love. I believe that God has given us everything we need in order to take back our health, and our lives, by creating chemical free homes and obtaining financial freedom. Welcome to Scentsable Living.

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