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Ditch ‘n Switch – Take the Challenge!

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Have you heard of the Think Dirty app? Let me tell you, this a total game changer when wanting to know what is in our home! I downloaded this app and walked around my home scanning everything with a barcode…cleaning supplies, personal care products, you name it. I think some of the most surprising items to scan high on the hormone distruptor, carcinogenic and allergenic ratings were the items listed as “natural.” It was an eye opener for myself AND for our children. We took this app with us to the store and began scanning products that we were using regularly and opted not to buy them. Did I mention that some of the natural products scored high on the “dirty” list? Seriously, mind blown!


I encourage you to download this app. I challenge you to scan 3 of your cleaning products and personal care products to see how healthy they are. If you are as surprised as I was, let me tell you there IS a better way with healthier alternatives. You can take a deep breath in and let it out slowly knowing it’s going to be okay. Let me show you how you can make the switch.



Young Living can be your One-Stop Shop for all your needs! From personal care, to home care, kids products, pet care, beauty, health and more! Transfer out the chemical junk for healthier products easily, from almost anywhere in the world. Even purchase the best essential oils on the earth while you’re here.

I’m so passionate about this because we speak loudly when we shop. We vote with our dollar. More and more people are speaking clearly that we do not want this stuff in our homes, on our bodies, around our children or our pets.

 Take the challenge and see what’s in your home and then share in the comments below.  Was your mind blown?

It’s time to ditch ‘n switch.



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Hi, my name is Tanya. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey of discovering a more natural approach to caring for ourselves and those we love. I believe that God has given us everything we need in order to take back our health, and our lives, by creating chemical free homes and obtaining financial freedom. Welcome to Scentsable Living.

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