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Personal Testimonies from My Home!

I would love to share my family’s testimonies with all of you from the very beginning to this very week.  Hang onto your hats because you may be surprised with some of what I’m about to share with you :D

I would like to begin with what we now keep as a staple in our medicine cabinet and that is Peppermint essential oil.  I first purchased this oil to help me focus on my studying back when I was in school for Massage Therapy.  My Psychology teacher burned a peppermint candle in one of our classes and explained that it increased attentiveness and mental clarity and was an excellent scent to use during studying for tests.  I began using it than, and that was back in the fall of 2000. Our oldest son, who born in spring of 2000, had many health concerns that began in the womb and continued into his toddler years.  One of the health issues was that he suffered with extremely high fevers.  Extremely high in our home was 106 degrees, 104 seemed to be a norm for him.  We spent many, many days and nights at the hospital.  It explained to us that as long as he was acting fine, talking and himself with these high fevers, there was no need to bring him to the E.R. as frequently as we were bringing.  Is your mouth wide open? Are you shaking your head? Imagine being the mother receiving this information after being told anything above 102.5 for a child prone to seizures, was an emergency situation in need of immediate attention, only to find later, that I was being told not to bring him in as frequently.  We were desperate! His fever spiked again shortly after bringing him home and in a panic and unsure of what to do, I ran to my essential oil book.  This is where it gets cool! I read to put 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil in a bowl of lukewarm water for high fevers and to sponge-bathe around the abdomen, back of neck and around the face taking great caution as to avoid the eye area.  With thermometer by his bed and water ready to go, we sponge-bathed our son.  We waited 5 minutes to check his temperature, really worried that it had gone up, to our surprise it was 102!!! We stayed close by his side to be sure there were be no major effects or fever spikes again.   He commented on how he could feel the “hotness” leaving his body.  We checked his temp again and it was 99 degrees.  Praise God!!! We still have this moment fresh in our heads and share with people every chance we get. We’ve used peppermint for fevers since and for the past 8 years haven’t had to use anything else.

We have used peppermint to keep mice/rats out of our home by applying a drop to a cotton ball and placing in kitchen cupboards and drawers.  And have used by entrance ways to keep ants from entering.

Now for sinuses: we use a combination of peppermint and rosemary (4 drops each) in the vaporizer (I do not recommend using a vaporizer, we now only use our essential oils in a diffuser designed specifically to be used with essential oils), can also use in the bathtub for sinus headaches and trouble breathing (eucalyptus can be used in place of rosemary or peppermint if need be). We use this for our entire family.

I use to think allergies and sensitive skin were a curse, for lack of better words.  Now, I am so thankful for those moments that opened my eyes to a new way of life.  I am talking about natural homemade cleaning products and homemade laundry detergentLemon essential oil became one of my favorites for these products as I read that they had all the bacteria busting properties needed for thorough cleaning, disinfecting and bacteria fighting.  They were more effective than Lysol and Oust which in my book, were very hard to breathe in when sprayed.  Essential oils sprayed on surfaces and into the air were and are as refreshing as a first rain.  My lungs welcomed the change and not only did the air “smell” clean, I knew it really was clean.  Lemon essential oil is an antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal and so much more.  Just add a little to your next cleaning cycle and experience it for yourself.  See my section called Simply Clean for recipes on homemade household cleaners.

Recently I shared my husbands testimony from his neck and shoulder pain with you using PanAway.  I have two more to add to this.  My mother came over and was talking about how her shoulder and back were bothering her, I asked if it would be okay to give it a try.  She called later on that evening to tell me that her pain was completely gone by the time she got home from her walk! And than mine was yesterday morning, as I suffered with lower back cramping due to my menstrual cycle, I thought to try PanAway and within 10 minutes I was pain free and it lasted 8 hours.  For all three scenarios just listed, it only took 2 drops of the PanAway essential oil per person.  That in itself is incredible to me.

For topical uses such as on ringworm, I use either Tea Tree essential oil or Lavender essential oil.  Both are antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial and both work much quicker than the prescription creams I’ve gone to the doctor for.  Our youngest woke with ringworm on his chest,  we applied Lavender directly to the affected area using a cotton ball and than taped the cotton ball to it.  You can apply directly to the area 3 times daily. That was at 9:30am and by 2:30pm it had already began crusting (I have taken before and during photos and am expecting the after to be in the morning with as quickly as the oil is working, so will post them when I am able).

And the final one for the night :D I have been having a horrible time falling asleep this past week.  Partly because my husband was on vacation, and with him working nights, his sleeping schedule was off.  And some of it had to do with accidentally drinking green tea in the evening, oops.  Several nights, I wasn’t falling asleep until 5-6am, or should I say passing out of exhaustion by than.  Last night I applied Peace & Calming essential oil to the soles of my feet as per the instructions.  My body slowly began to melt into relaxation and eventually I was asleep.  I slept so peacefully and so deeply that I woke up feeling amazingly rejuvenated. I applied some more to my feet this evening after the kids fell asleep and can feel my body slowly relaxing all over again.  This will be my last post for the evening as I will be off to bed as soon as I press send :D

All of these oils are available separately but if you are interested in building up an essential oil supply for yourself, I would highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit .

On that note, I am off to bed.  Good night and God bless to you all :D

DISCLAIMER: The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and address any health or medical needs you may have with your physician. Please seek professional help when needed.


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