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Amazing Pain Relief with PanAway


Brian, my husband came to me this morning with muscle soreness and stiffness in his neck and shoulders.  He had in his hand some ointment cream to use.  I began to unscrew the cap and it hit me to try the PanAway essential oil blend that had come in my Young Living essential oil kit.  I looked it up, quickly read through how to use and apply and we gave it a try.  When first removing the cap, the wonderful smells released from the bottle capture you.  The combination of Wintergreen, Peppermint, Clove and Helichrysum are welcoming to the nasal passages.  This is a scent you wouldn’t mind going out into the public wearing, unlike some of the other sports creams we’ve used in the past :D

Applying it was nice too,  it only took 2 drops (for a visual, my husband lifts weights and has very wide traps and shoulders so the surface area is greater).  The skin absorbed the oil nicely, without leaving a greasy or oily feel behind it.  Now to see if it works! Brian walked away to put the other ointment away, he left the kitchen,entered our dining room and turned around to say he felt it working already.  Amazing!!!! Walk no further, the “other” ointment is going straight into the trash :D

Would you like to learn more about PanAway?  Click here for a summary of the product in pdf format.

PanAway can be used on tight/sore muscles, over joints/ligaments and for areas of stress.  It can also be applied to forehead, temples, neck or simply inhaled to help alleviate stress.

The 5ml bottle contains about 84 drops of pure, therapeutic grade essential oil. The 15ml bottle contains approximately 250 drops of oil.  With using only 2 drops on my husbands neck and shoulders, this bottle will last quite a long time and allow us another 248 uses before the need to purchase another bottle.  There is no comparison between this and the over the counter options, Young Living PanAway essential oil blend tops it hands down. This is another must in our medicine cabinet and the list keeps growing.  (Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing our natural medicine cabinet soon)!

Why wait until the pain arrives or the moment of stress happens and you’re without a bottle? Order today!


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