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Around Our Home with YL Peppermint E.O.

Peppermint RevisedContinuing on with the series of “In Our Home” I would like to share how we use Young Living’s peppermint essential oil around our home. :)

HEADACHES:  There are a few ways we use peppermint for headaches, one of them is applying a drop to our finger and simply swiping across the forehead. Another is by placing a drop on our tongue, pushing to the roof of our mouth and holding for a couple of seconds.

FEVER: Peppermint was the very first essential oil I had ever learned about and fever was the very first time we actually used it and were absolutely amazed at how quickly it worked.  We have used it several ways.  The first time we used peppermint for fever was by placing 3-5 drops in a bowl of lukewarm water and sponge-bathing around the back of the neck, forehead, abdomen and bottoms of feet.  Another way we’ve used it is by simply placing a drop on the bottoms of the feet and rubbing it in.  This is the oil we reach for in those moments.

SINUS PRESSURE/SINUS HEADACHES: I am the sinus sufferer in our home and my husband gets them occasionally. We have found that a swipe of peppermint across the forehead, across the back of the neck, and under the cheekbones helps to relieve pressure and alleviate the building headache.  Another way we like to use peppermint for sinus pressure is to apply a drop to a finger and rub along the upper gums (makes a nice breath freshener too :) )

MUSCLE ACHES/PAIN: Peppermint essential oil is known for its cooling, soothing affect and is an excellent choice to use for sore muscles, aches and pain associated with overuse, strained or tense muscles.  We love to use it after a strenuous workout, especially when we know we will be feeling it the next day.

CHEST RUB/COLDS: One thing peppermint is especially known for is its menthol.  Simply breathing it in can open the nasal passages and airways.  This makes it an excellent oil to mix with a little coconut oil or olive oil and apply to the chest and/or upper back.  Another wonderful way to use it when out and about is to apply a drop to the palm of your hand, rub together, and than cup over the nose and simply inhale for a few minutes.

CONCENTRATION: Studies have been shown that diffusing peppermint into the air while doing paperwork at the office, or studying for a test can actually improve the minds ability to retain information.  It stimulates the brain to allow for better concentration.  We like to diffuse it during our homeschool hours, especially on days when waking the brain for class seems to be quite a struggle.

INCREASED ENERGY: Yes, you read it right.  Peppermint essential oil can help boost your energy which makes this an awesome choice before working out or going on a run, or simply for that mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Prior to a workout or run, I like to apply peppermint to the inside of my wrists, bottoms of my feet, and also a little on my chest to help open the lungs for deeper breathing. For a quick pick-me-up, I like to breathe directly from the bottle, or place in my hands and inhale it that way.

UPSET TUMMIES/NAUSEA/DIGESTION: Peppermint is fantastic for soothing upset tummies when ill or nausea from things such as motion sickness. One way we use it for things such as this is by applying a drop and massaging around the tummy.  Another is by putting a drop into a glass of water and sipping on it.  Depending on the time of year or what we feel like having, the cup of water may be cold or we may add hot water and sip like a tea. This is wonderful for digestion as well.

COOLING MIST SPRAY: I mentioned earlier that peppermint is cooling and soothing.  When added to a spray bottle filled with water, it makes a wonderful cooling mist spray for hot summer days when working in the garden, playing outside, roofing, doing construction, etc….you could make a bottle and bless someone who works out in the heat with something like this and they will be sure to thank you.

VARICOSE VEINS: I have a couple of bulging, purple, painful varicose veins on the back of my left leg and when they are bothering me I like to rub a drop of peppermint on them.  They tend to find relief with the peppermint and the bulging diminishes.

ALERTNESS: I guess I could’ve included this in with concentration but preferred it stand out on its own for a reason.  Alertness became very important to us when my husband began working night shifts.  He was having trouble staying awake on the road and the hours were taking its toll on him.  I looked up in our Reference Guide for Essential Oils and peppermint was a recommended essential oil.  In those moments when he felt drowsy, he would have the bottle of peppermint essential oil right there in the console.  He simply removed the cap and breathed it in directly from the bottle.  Peppermint essential oil is different from say peppermint candy, it is pretty strong when breathing out of the bottle.  It’s definitely something that would quickly snap you back into alertness, at least it did for my husband.

COOKING/TEA: There are quite a few ways we use peppermint in the kitchen, from using it as a flavoring in our water to making sweet treats.  For a cup of tea, I love to put a drop of peppermint in a mug of hot water with a little honey as a sweetner, yummmm (Fun Fact: Did you know that one drop of peppermint essential oils is equivalent to 26 cups of tea? Pretty cool, huh!).  Or how about a cup of hot cocoa with a drop of peppermint, we like to call it our Christmas Cocoa. Please be advised that I would only recommend a therapeutic grade essential oil for ingestion, it will say on the label whether it can be taken internally as a supplement or not so before considering adding it to your water and ingesting, know the source of your essential oil.  For more information, you can read my post called Essential Oils: Not All Created Equal.

HOUSEHOLD CLEANING: For quite a few recipes for using peppermint essential oil around the home, click here.

CRITTER CONTROL/ANT REPELLENT: Something I have found to be interesting is that while we human beings thoroughly enjoy the smell of peppermint, rodents and insects do not.  Which make it perfect as natural way for keeping pests out of the home and garden.  Use can use peppermint for rodent control and also for keeping ants at bay.

GARDENING/INSECT REPELLENT: This essential oil not only helps with everything mentioned above, but yes, it can be used in the garden as well.  Peppermint can help keep certain insects and aphids from eating your vegetation and it can also be used as a garden tea to help strengthen the plant for a more bountiful harvest.  Here are some ideas for using peppermint in your garden. Garden tea recipe, How To Use Essential Oils in Your Garden Pt. I, How to Use Essential Oils in Your Garden Pt. II, and make your own Insect Repellent.


We find new uses for our essential oils all the time, and these are just a few of the ways that we use peppermint essential oils around our home.  We would love to hear how you incorporate it into your daily life so please leave a comment sharing your favorite use for peppermint essential oil. 

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