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Bee Sting Relief

Bee Sting

Our son was stung over the weekend while riding his bicycle.  It was on his upper right leg, under his shorts.  Poor guy was in such pain. We applied essential oils immediately to the area, followed with an ice pack.  My oils of choice were Purification and Peppermint.  Purification has been documented to neutralize the poison of an insect sting and Peppermint was chosen for its cooling abilities and to help drive the Purification in a little faster.

Because his bee stings were in an area that he couldn’t see, I took pictures over the course of time to show him our progress.  We were very pleased with the results and wanted to share them with you.

I applied the essential oils about every 20 minutes, followed with an ice pack.  You can see our progress in the images above.

Insect stings aren’t any fun. And for little ones it can extremely painful. Not only that but it hurts us as parents to see them in pain.  Essential oils can help bring relief in such a short amount of time, which means smiles for everyone. :-)

Soothing Sunburn Spray

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Soothing Sunburn Spray

Soothing Sunburn Spray

It’s summertime, and surely I am not the only person who has discovered they have spent a little too long out in the sun.  Whether it be gardening, swimming at the pool or lake, or falling asleep sunbathing. But I know when I’ve been out in it just a little too long.  The pink or reddening of my skin, the heat rising to the surface, the dehydrated feeling and so on….

This recipe feels wonderful on those areas, especially when made in advance and stored in the refrigerator.  Ahhhhhh!  Sweet comfort!

I have found that lavender alone is amazing on the skin, but love the addition of peppermint to help calm the “heat” down a little.  And aloe vera is a staple in my father-in-law’s home, so we’ve been introduced to this time and time again in regards to its many benefits.

The combination of all three along with vitamin E is perfect for those “out in the sun too long” moments.


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Around Our Home with YL Lemon E.O.


Many have asked me how we use our lemon essential oil around the home and so I compiled a list to share with you.

Skin Brightener/Wrinkle Reducer: I am absolutely amazed by the compliments I receive when out and about on how beautiful my skin is, and these are on days that I am not wearing any make-up, so it blows my mind with every compliment.  It’s a fantastic way to share about Young Living’s essential oils, although the majority of the time I forget and my husband nudges me with a, “Why didn’t you tell her about Young Living?”

Not only was my complexion carrying more of a glow, I noticed that laugh lines and forehead lines were smoothing out and eventually they went away. My favorite way to use it is simply a little coconut oil in the palm of my hand with 1 drop of lemon essential oil and than massage into my skin.  For more recipes click here.

NOTE: Lemon essential oil, as with any citrus essential oil, is considered to be “photosensitive.”  If you decide to try this please note that you need about 12 hours from the time you’ve applied to the time you plan to be outside.  I use as a nighttime regimen.

Water purifier & Flavored Drinks: I love to take a bottle of lemon with me to restaurants.  When the server brings out our glasses of water, we all add a drop or 2 of lemon to help purify our water. Plus it tastes great! You can read more about water purification and essential oils here.

Liver Cleanser: I have read in many different publications from the internet to published articles in books and magazines about the benefits of lemon in the water upon waking in the morning, how it jumpstarts the system and cleanses the liver. So we love a drop of lemon in a glass of water, first thing in the morning.  It is such a refreshing treat after a long night’s sleep.

Varicose Veins: One thing I have noticed upon drinking lemon essential oil in my water is that I no longer have large, bulging veins on the back of my left leg.  I had them surgically removed several years ago and knew it was a temporary fix but wasn’t expecting them to return even uglier and more painful than before. It wasn’t until I had forgotten to put lemon e.o. in my water for a few days that I realized the difference it had made.  The throbbing was returning. Once I added the lemon back in, the throbbing went away again.  This alone is a reason for me to continue with my lemon essential oil.

Mood Booster: There is something truly uplifting about citrus scents and a little bit can make such a tremendous difference when we are cranky and out of sorts. Especially with kids.  I love to pass the bottle of lemon around for us to simply breathe in.  Sometimes I’ll put a drop in our palms, rub together, and than we all breathe in at the same time.  It’s fun, the kids enjoy it, and it brings an instant smile.  Lemon in our diffuser is a fantastic way to keep the mood upbeat throughout the day.

Congestion & Sore Throat: In the fall/winter months, I make a homemade cough syrup that can be taken by the spoonful for sore throats and coughs, or stirred into a cup of tea and sipped on slowly. You can get the recipe here.

Weight Loss:  The Reference Guide For Essential Oils says to put 5 drops of lemon and 5 drops of grapefruit in 1 gallon of water, and  drink throughout the day.  It tastes very refreshing.

Heartburn/Acid Reflux: My husband has gone through a couple of bouts with this off and on.  Sometimes it would wake him out of his sleep, other times it would catch him off guard during the day. He would take a drop of lemon with a glass of water and feel relief within minutes. Thankfully he has not had any more since we’ve begun using lemon essential oil.

Air Purifier: I love diffusing lemon in our diffuser, not only is it an excellent mood booster, it also helps to get rid of any airborne germs and odors.

Cooking: I have shared several recipes using YL’s Lemon essential oil, you can view them here.

Cleaning: See how I incorporate lemon essential oil into my housecleaning routine with the following recipes here. Also see how I use it to clean fresh produce and make furniture polish

There are many other uses for using lemon essential oil around the home, this is just a few ways that we use it in ours.  I would love to hear how you incorporate it into your daily life so please leave a comment sharing your favorite use for Lemon essential oil. 

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