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Essential Oils, a Serving Spoon, and a Bandage

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20130709_101301-1      My son sprained his wrist playing football with a few neighborhood friends.  After assessing the situation and having him move his fingers, move his hand up and down along with side to side we were able to determine that there wasn’t a break.  He had lost a little bit of strength, which is common in the way he had landed, so we settled on supportive splinting along with  strategies to minimize inflammation and discomfort.  This is where our essential oils, a serving spoon, and a bandage came in.  :-)

      First we needed to determine which essential oil single or blend to use.   <— You can view a printable chart in the link provided.

       Using the essential oils that we had on hand, we opted for YL Marjoram to treat the muscle, YL Lemongrass to treat ligament, YL Clove for the pain and YL Peppermint for a cooling, soothing feeling that would also help alleviate any swelling (Young Living’s Deep Relief roll-on is another excellent choice and  would have been my “go to” if I had it on hand during this incident).

       My objective was to get the oils onto him, support his wrist and wrap it right away.  I made up a blend using coconut oil as my carrier oil and to it added a couple drops of each oil mentioned above.

       For the support, my first thought was to use a ruler to help keep his wrist straight, but my little sister mentioned something with more of a “natural” curve that he could cup his hand over and than said, “You know, like a soup spoon or something.”  GENIUS!!!!  The serving spoon handle was straight which allowed for the stability and yet it’s natural curve allowed his hand to be wrapped in a comfortable, natural position.

               My little guy was happy and comfortable.  The pain of his wrist dangling was no more and the support of the serving spoon was quite welcomed.  The essential oils went to work to provide relief and encourage healing and this makes a Mama feel encouraged and empowered to know that with simple supplies around the home, and my Young Living essential oils, I was equipped to take care of his pain with a quickness.

After the oils were applied and his wrist supported and wrapped, we prayed giving thanks to the Lord for His protection, and for equipping us both with what we needed to care for our loved ones, ministering to their pain.

Should this happen again (I have boys, it’s a matter of time) I now know that the next sprain is only some essential oils, a serving spoon, and a bandage away.  ;-)

20130709_101326(notice the natural curve with the support of the serving spoon)

Don’t forget to click on the link to view which essential oils to use for which (muscle, bone spurs, ligaments, etc…if you missed it, don’t worry, you don’t have to scroll up, simply click here :D

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