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Lavender for Frostbite

3575This is absolutely incredible to me.  I grew up in Alaska and know all about frostbite as I remember getting it on the tips of my ears from wearing earrings in the extreme cold and not being properly covered.  Here is my friend Amy’s newest use for her YL lavender essential oil…

…”the newest one….put on my daughters face when she was outside too long and got some frostbite. She said the burning stopped immediately and her face went right back to normal color instead of white with red around it.” Amy H. – Alaska


Scalp Breakouts GONE With Geranium!

3554“A couple of years ago I started getting pimples around the entire hairline on my head. They were red and visible on the sides of my scalp and I could feel their entirety on the back of my hairline. I kept thinking it was folliculitis, but how and why was I getting this? I scheduled an appointment with the dermatologist. I wanted to know what this embarrassing issue was. I had dandruff like flakes completely visible on my black hair and the pimples were scabbed over or excreting puss (they were pimples!). I have never suffered from pimples in my life and here I was, late 30′s, being told I had adult onset acne. WHAT?! How can that be, its only on my head?!

Refusing to believe the horrid “acne” term, I used dandruff shampoos, tried to make my own homemade organic all natural dandruff shampoo, etc. As great as these options were, the homemade shampoo was only temporary because it WASN’T dandruff lol.

Once I came to terms that my “acne” was late-blooming, I started researching for an oil to take place of the pills the dermatologist gave me. No way was I taking a pill that had a rapsheet of rules to go with it. One of the side-effects was that you could get acne! Why would I take a pill for acne, that could give me acne? There is no sense in modern day medicine :-(

My search led me to the Young Living Conference Edition Desk Guide. Under the Acne session (sigh), they said to take Geranium Oil internally (1 drop oil diluted with 1 drop carrier oil in a veggie cap 3x per day). Zero side effects, unless you consider burping up the taste of Geranium every now and then, and I am not going to complain about floral breathe lol

I have been taking this regimine and saw drastic improvement within two days. My head cleared up 100%.  I have also realized that certain foods make it flare up, so I try to stay off those foods and continue to use my Gernium! Success through Young Living :-D” – Danielle Wells, Wisconsin

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Medicine Cabinet Makeover

SL Everyday Oils

Are you interested in making a change to your medicine cabinet but not sure where to begin?  Or have you read the side effects on the bottles in your cabinet and thinking there has GOT to be a better way?

Let me introduce you to the Medicine Cabinet Makeover!  This is how my family began to change things around in our home.  We have replaced the OTC drugs in our home with safer, healthier, more natural alternatives which HELP the body in healing, instead of HINDERING it during the process.

Young Living’s Everyday Oils Premium Starter Collection is such a wonderful kit to introduce you to essential oils as well as help you to revamp the choices in your medicine cabinet.

Change that medicine cabinet into a “wellness” cabinet today! Here’s how.

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Homeschool Experiment with Valor


                               “True homeschool family. We are doing an experiment this morning with valor oil to see how it affects the blood cells.  Caleb had to give it a try after watching a video3429 Tanya posted.  Richard was elected to give his blood for the experiment…I wish I could share pictures.  Let’s say before the blood cells were moving very sluggish, almost sloth-is.  We waited 10 minutes to test the valor and the blood cells were racing across.  It really blew my mind.  I totally did not think we would see any big difference. Wow.” – Kristal Davis, OH

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Make Your Own Dusting Powder

Make Your Own Dusting Powder!

This is a follow-up post to the Make Your Own Deodorant Spray by Stacy McDonald. You can click here to view.


With all the reports about the questionable use of talcum powder, why not make your own body powder? It’s economical, customizable, and easy! Package it in a cute tin, inside a sealed bag, or in a fancy salt shaker with a bow, and you have a great homemade gift!

In a zipper bag, add 1 cup of any of the following: arrowroot powder, betonite clay, cornstarch, or baking soda. (If using betonite clay, be sure to add a portion of one of the other ingredients, to make it more fine and silky).

Then, add up to 20 drops of your favorite Young Living essential oil, or blend. Be mindful not to breathe any powder or dust during blending.

Put finished mixture into container with a tight fitting lid.

Nice Essential Oil Choices

For women:

Blends: Harmony, Sensation, Gentle Baby, Abundance, Motivation, Sacred Mountain, Joy, or Release.

Singles: Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Frankincense, or Geranium.

For Men:

Blends: Sensation, Mister, Motivation, and Harmony

Singles: Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Lemon, Orange

For Baby:

Singles: Lavender, Lemon

Blends: Gentle Baby

Buy Your Oils HERE

Why pay retail when you can purchase at wholesale?  You can learn more about shopping wholesale here.


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Make Your Own Spray Deodorant

Make Your Own Spray Deodorant

deodorant spray

This is a wonderful alternative to the homemade stick deodorant recipe that I posted. Some found that they were having sensitivities to the baking soda base and so this offers another wonderful option and is very time friendly for those of us on a tight and busy schedule.  It takes a matter of mere minutes to make and there is NO clean up! That’s right, you read this correctly, NO clean up.  I don’t know about you but that alone is exciting enough for me.

I cannot take credit for this recipe as it belongs to Stacy McDonald over at Your Sacred Calling.  She has been kind enough to allow me to share her recipe with all of you.

Thank you so very much for the awesome recipe Stacy :D


Stacy’s Spritz Deodorant

These blends incorporate oils known for their antibacterial properties and they smell wonderful! I also like the fact that I’ve read several intriguing articles about studies being done on frankincense and cancer! What a good place to put frankincense! And these cute little bottles are small enough to throw in your purse for any “spruce ups” you feel the need for during the day.

Use one of the following blends in the above recipe or have fun creating one of your own.

Mediterranean Nights

  • 14 frankincense
  • 7 bergamot

Rainforest Dream

  • 10 drops orange
  • 7 vetiver
  • 3 drops frankincense
Stay tuned for an upcoming post of Stacy’s wonderful Dusting Powder Recipe to use along with your homemade spray deodorant!

To get started using therapeutic grade essential oils with your family, I recommend purchasing our Premium Starter Kit! This way, you’ll enjoy wholesale prices all the time! It includes eleven of Young Living’s most popular essential oil singles and blends, an ultrasonic diffuser (worth $100.00!), essential oil samples for sharing, and 2 NingXia Red immune boosting drinks! In addition, I’ll send you a free essential oil reference book to help you learn how to start using your essential oils!

Get started now! referenceguidesmallBy the way, I am not a doctor – just a mom who uses essential oils in her own family. Please know that any information provided on Scentsable Living is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and address any health or medical needs you may have with your physician. Please seek professional help when needed.


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